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Hôtel Les Peupliers ****
Le Praz - 73120 Courchevel 1300
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A resort full of surprises

Discover Courchevel Ski Resort

Courchevel, founded in 1946 by a few visionaries who believed in its potential, is the ideal resort where entertainment, grandiose landscapes and quality gastronomy come together. This base station, which is only operated during the summer, was created from scratch so that the visitor will enjoy it, not get bored, and want to come back. Today, Courchevel is enjoying great notoriety and a success that few believed.

The beautiful construction

The resort is continuously redoubling its innovation and renewal in order to continue to satisfy its visitors but also locals. Known to many for the quality of its slopes, Courchevel also benefits from state-of-the-art ski lifts as well as professional mountain rescue expertise. The resort’s amenities impress, quality services, innovative activities, a sense of celebration but also surprising and qualitative gastronomy are the key words. Courchevel has one of the great qualities that many people look for in a resort: “ski in ski out”, allowing visitors to have almost all the necessary services accessible at the exit of the slopes.

This concept was born from a simple idea: to meet two essential customer needs:

1. Facilitate direct access to ski slopes by building accommodation along them

2. Create a point of convergence for the ski slopes to establish the lively heart of the resort: the snow front where skiers and pedestrians meet to celebrate many events.

This is how a new kind of resort was born, to the delight of skiers who fell in love with this place totally designed for them.

Little extra: Free shuttles and ski lifts available, you won’t need to use your car.

An incomparable domain?

Skiing is the key word and everyone plays along so that skiing is accessible for all levels. Beginners will be able to feast on the Alpine Garden trail, while they will contemplate the landscape and the magnificent chalets. The more daring, for their part, will walk the corridors and black slopes in search of thrills.


Eyes full of stars

A living spectacle

Courchevel is full of jewels, renowned restaurants, refined tables, more typical restaurants, hotel bars or even exceptional places where you will spend unforgettable evenings. However, this resort wanted to attract a wider spectrum of customers, and has adapted to also offer a family setting and adapted structures such as:

An aquatic complex in Courchevel 1550, Aquamotion, the largest altitude water park, known for its 9 pools and swimming pools, its surf wave, its climbing wall, its spa, its cryotherapy …
Ski slopes adapted to everyone’s levels
Ski schools at all levels of the resort




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    Hôtel Les Peupliers ****
    Le Praz - 73120 Courchevel 1300
    + 33 (0)4 79 08 41 47